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Square D

Square D EZM114125 800 Amp Bus w/4-Gang 125A Meter Sockets/Positions

Square D EZM114125 800 Amp Bus w/4-Gang 125A Meter Sockets/Positions

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Square D EZM114125 800A Bus 4 ring type meter sockets rated 125A each. 

This branch unit has a current rating of 125 A and a bus bar rating of 800 A. This product is suitable for use as service equipment and supplied with ringed, no bypass, 4 jaw, 1 phase IN meter socket. It has provisions for mounting tenant QO, QO-VH, QOH circuit breakers to feed downstream type QO/HOM load centers or type NQOD panelboards. Four position meter breaker units can be connected in any combination, providing a solution for any size application.


  1. Though this is a brand-new item, and, we will add additional carton outside its original manufactory's carton packing. Due to its heavy weight (about 80 pounds shipping weight) and potential long transportation.  Some minor cosmetic imperfections might occur, such as minor scratches, tiny paint offs etc.  By ordering this item, you agree to accept those potential minor cosmetic imperfections if any, in which will not affect to its operational functionalities.
  2. Item will be shipped with insurance and signature required. Please make sure someone will be at destination address to exam and sign the package.
  3. If you are not sure, please confirm with your local power/utilities company and inspector for the requirements/approval of installation before place order.  By ordering this item, you acknowledge that you already done your due diligence and know the installation requirements or the risks if you don't.
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